New Code Quality Treatment

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Alex has been in town for the last few weeks and we’ve been working towards V2.5, with an eye towards a late summer release.  (We are co-teaching the next SPC cert class in Boulder next week as well.)

You can see some of the new BP 2.5 content published in the most recent posts of Value Stream, Business Owners, and Sprint Goals.

On our SAFe product backlog has been the need to change the D|B|T Icon to a Q and relabel it “Code Quality,” and to then redo the navs etc. from the odd little subdomain we created under D|B|T. We’ve done that now, and the current DBT icon now navigates to a better summary and new description of what we mean by Code Quality. As you all know, you can’t scale crappy code, so we think that this will be an area of ongoing emphasis in SAFe. Not only do we feel the need to further detail some of the XP practices, but Agile architecture, Agile Modeling, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, and Test Automation are also moving us all forward, so we’ll provide some additional content there as well.


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