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Framework Promotions

Hi Folks,  One of the coolest things about our mission at Scaled Agile is that the challenge of ‘helping people build the world’s most important systems’ lays ahead of us and not behind.  As we look into the future, we see our customer needs—and the complexity of the systems they build—growing, putting even greater demands on SAFe. To meet these demands, we are evolving the Framework team. My teammates are some of the smartest and wisest people I know so

Exciting new book: SAFe for DevOps Practitioners

If you attended a DevOps conference several years ago, you would have seen sessions filled with deep discussions on technical, architectural, and coding practices. Over time, the DevOps community has increased interest in other areas, including Lean-Agile methods, leadership, and organizational change. Indeed, for DevOps to succeed, the tooling and technical practices must integrate with the new ways of working. Organizations need to think of them holistically as we do in SAFe. In his new book, SAFe for DevOps Practitioners,