Brand New Article: Responsible AI

At the 2024 Berlin SAFe Summit in April, we released a completely revised version of the Artificial Intelligence in SAFe (AI) article. This new article introduced the three critical dimensions of an AI competency for SAFe Enterprises:

  • Promoting an AI Augmented Workforce
  • Building AI-Enabled Solutions
  • Achieving Responsible AI

Today, we are excited to announce the release of a new Responsible AI article that provides even deeper guidance on using and building AI to maximize its benefits while minimizing its unique risks.

The article provides expanded definitions of the three aspects and fourteen attributes of Responsible AI, which are introduced briefly in the new AI article. It also explains how companies can use SAFe practices to accelerate and support the recommended practices for using AI responsibly.

You can access the new Responsible AI article in the Responsible AI section of the Artificial Intelligence in SAFe (AI) article.

Here’s more great news! We have just launched a limited release of the first new learning product built to support these competencies: the Achieving Responsible AI micro-credential course. The guidance in the new Responsible AI article aligns with and supports the activities in this new course.

We hope you enjoy the added insights on Responsible AI and take advantage of the new course devoted to this topic!

Stay SAFe!

The Framework Team