CMS shifted the budget from 100% dedicated to system maintenance to a 40/60 split between maintenance and innovation Help desk tickets decreased by 55% Surveys show a 27% increase in employee satisfaction


Releasing every month, instead of 1-2 times a year Integrating reliably every two weeks Reduced delivery risks Substantially reduced defect rate Velocity increased from 10 story points to >30


Business outcomes rose 400% w/only 20% team size increase First-Time Delivery jumped 7% Reduced infrastructure costs 98% Delivered on 80% or more of objectives. NPS rose 8 pts over 1 year Employee satisfaction & engagement increased


Reduced time to identify interdependencies and deliverables from months to days


SAFe principles key to delivering on time SAFe aligns agile and waterfall teams PI Planning identifies key dependencies between different software components SAFe increases visibility on new business requirements