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10X faster production-like testing Full functional testing cycle in just one hour 85% reduction in user story cycle time Time to release for internal test mgmt. system dropped from 37 man-days to 2 95% would not want to return to the old way of working


Release time improved by 50-66% Feature cycle time down by 50% Cost per feature point dropped by 8% from one PI to the next Reduction in escaped defects and increased customer satisfaction


Delivered double the value compared to before practicing SAFe Cut initial planning time by 28 percent 700 team members across 60 Scrum teams actively using SAFe In two years, launched six trains globally, shipped more than 350 production releases


60%+ faster time to market Delivery of major releases down from 6 to 2 months Time to respond to client feedback down from 3 months to 1 months 27.5% decrease in cost per epic 41% to 28% decrease in attrition rate


Faster time to market of the company’s latest product version Greater alignment between product management and development More team spirit Enhanced employee satisfaction and an edge when hiring


Time-to-value down from 1½ years to 8 months 30% faster delivery for user acceptance testing Monthly demos to customers, enabling early feedback and better alignment with customer expectations System stabilization time down from six weeks to less than a week


SAFe delivers 20% drop in defects Teams run iterations within a number of weeks rather than months Company leaders are backing Agile globally as means of meeting strategic business goals SAFe training and coaching increases chance of success


“To sum up, the case study of Seamless is evidence that small or medium-sized companies can benefit from a scaled agile framework with custom modifications.”

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