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Releasing two times faster than previously Ability to spot bugs sooner raises quality and enables more frequent releases Employees report higher engagement and satisfaction


MVE delivered 65% more products with the same capacity Improved Commit-to-Accept ratios from 74% to +90% Everything is visible to everyone Scope change reduced to less than 5%


Teams now achieve five business goals per PI, compared to three previously Velocity increased 33 percent year over year


Delivered double the value compared to before practicing SAFe Cut initial planning time by 28 percent 700 team members across 60 Scrum teams actively using SAFe In two years, launched six trains globally, shipped more than 350 production releases


SAFe enables reliable and predictable releases of production code Helps to detect/prevent issues with each new submission Improves transparency and info sharing Improves estimating by allowing historical comparisons Enables sustainable development