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Now Available! SAFe Essential Articles in Japanese

We are thrilled to announce that all the SAFe Essential articles have been translated into Japanese as part of our ongoing commitment to support global communities. We have set up a microsite where you can access the translated content. This is a significant milestone in our efforts to reach a global audience, and we are extremely excited to share this with the community. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Globalization team and their ICR team in Japan

Organizing Teams on the ART with the Team Formation Workshop

In SAFe, we discuss the importance of organizing around value and provide guidance on identifying value streams that span the organization’s functional domains. In fact, running the Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop is a critical first step to ensuring ARTs can build the products their customers desire with minimal dependencies. And that future members of the ART will have all the skills and authority necessary to deliver valuable products continuously. But what’s next? How do we organize an ART

Brand New Article: Responsible AI

At the 2024 Berlin SAFe Summit in April, we released a completely revised version of the Artificial Intelligence in SAFe (AI) article. This new article introduced the three critical dimensions of an AI competency for SAFe Enterprises: Today, we are excited to announce the release of a new Responsible AI article that provides even deeper guidance on using and building AI to maximize its benefits while minimizing its unique risks. The article provides expanded definitions of the three aspects and

Announcing the new Japanese Big Picture

Global markets represent some of our largest growth in adopting SAFe. To support this growth, we are looking at ways to support international adoption by providing translated versions of SAFe resources. SAFe adoption is rapidly growing in Japan. Perhaps it is because the Japanese team is one of our most fun teams at Scaled Agile, as shown by this picture of Tatsuro Koba-san and Hiroaki Nakaya-san from one of our PI Planning events below.  Because of their efforts and rapid

SAFe Fellow Blog | On the Nature of Portfolios – Portfolio Kanban Normal Scenarios

By Brian Tucker, SAFe Fellow, Ivar Jacobson, Original Post Our SAFe Fellow community is fantastic at bringing concepts together with examples. This blog by SAFe Fellow Brian Tucker is an exemplar of explaining a topic that can take a few rounds to understand and making it into something not only understandable but also fun to learn about. Brian was one of the first trainers outside of the Scaled Agile Academy to qualify as a SAFe Principal Consultant Trainer (SPCT), having worked

Why “program” is still used in one place in SAFe 6.0 

At Scaled Agile, we often hear from our SAFe community, “Why is ‘program’ still in the fishbone diagram for the problem-solving workshop? I thought that term was removed in SAFe 6.0?” The workshop they are referring to is an activity that is part of the Inspect and Adapt event ARTs conduct at the end of each PI.   It’s easy to see why people ask this question. One of the notable changes in SAFe 6.0 was to retire the use of

SAFe Fellow Blog | Embracing Agility: Dealing with Mid-PI Feature Changes in SAFe

By Darren Wilmshurst, SAFe Fellow, CPrime, Original post: May 30, 2024 The Framework Team is thrilled to introduce this blog on dealing with mid-PI feature changes in SAFe by Fellow Darren Wilmshurst. Darren, the European Director of Cprime, has a wealth of experience in Agile transformation and leadership. His deep understanding of SAFe is reflected in his role as a leading consultant and trainer, and through his authorship of influential works such as “Agile Foundations” and “SAFe Coaches Handbook.” Darren’s

New! Getting Tactical with Organizational Agility: Techniques for Visualizing and Improving Flow

When adopting SAFe, many organizations begin by applying the Implementation Roadmap. They identify a value stream in one part of the organization and launch one or more Agile Release Trains (ARTs) to support it. This typically generates quick wins, leading to more ART launches and ultimately scaling agility across the enterprise. But all too often, critical parts of the organization are not included in this initial rollout. Some departments may be missed when identifying all the skills and authority required

SAFe Fellow Blog | Five Use Cases for an Agile Release Tram (aka Small Scale SAFe)

By Em Campbell-Pretty, SAFe Fellow, Pretty Agile, Original post: Aug 31, 2023 The Framework Team is excited to bring this blog on Agile Release Trams by SAFe Fellow Em Campbell-Pretty to the SAFe Framework site. Em is the founder of Pretty Agile and has been at the forefront of applying the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) since its earliest days. In fact, Em launched Australia’s first SAFe Agile Release Train at Telstra in early 2012. She has continued to be a friend of