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Unleashing the Power of Solution Vision

I am excited to tell you about the new Solution Vision article released today. Having a vision matters to me. I am motivated by a compelling picture of the future and by confidence that my work advances a purpose I believe in. Equally, I find an artfully expressed vision that lacks practical guidance frustrating and unactionable. As an executive and a coach, I found this true of all leaders and contributors in all environments. The art and practice of expressing

Coaching Flow: New Extended Guidance Article

Delivering a continuous flow of value to the customer is one of the defining characteristics of an effective SAFe enterprise. However, flow is not easy to achieve, and many impediments occur along the way. Success requires a knowledge of what flow is and how to achieve it. In turn, this requires people knowledgeable in flow who can coach individuals, teams, and trains—and even LPM—to achieve a higher flow of value. This responsibility can be fulfilled by any number of different

Decentralizing Control: The Secret to Enterprise Value Flow?

The recent release of SAFe 6.0 focused on several major themes. These included helping enterprises to address the new challenges of AI, Big Data, and Cloud; delivering better outcomes with Measure and Grow and OKRs; and extending SAFe across the business. These are pretty essential topics, and we hear how valuable this content is to the enterprise. But we also reflected deeply on the very essence of Agile development, and the heart of that is the Agile team. Indeed if

New 18-minute Video: Accelerating the Flow of Value with SAFe

SAFe 6.0 emphasizes increasing the Enterprise’s ability to provide a continuous flow of value delivery to its customers. This is accomplished, in part, through new articles on Portfolio , Solution Train, ART, and Team Flow. But the foundation of flow is a restructuring of SAFe Principle #6, which was recast to “Make Value Flow Without Interruptions’. This new principle describes the eight fundamental properties of a value flow system and how each unlocks an opportunity to improve flow through the

New ‘Applying SAFe 6.0 to Accelerate Business Agility’ Workshop

For thousands of global organizations and government agencies, SAFe has become integral for adapting to change, building resiliency, and thriving as a modern, digital business. Meeting the new realities of the marketplace requires SAFe to evolve continuously. While we’ll never lose sight of SAFe’s core benefits, our guidance continually improves to address new and emerging challenges. As such, SAFe 6.0 is a comprehensive update and includes many new and advanced practices alongside a new Big Picture and terminology changes. These

New updates to Solution and Solution Context

Relentless improvement is a critical tenet of Lean, Agile, and a SAFe Core Value, and we strive to embody those values in the Framework. With this in mind, we are excited to announce updates to the Solution and Solution Context articles. In SAFe, Solutions deliver the Portfolio’s value. Therefore, understanding solutions and their properties is critical to accelerating value delivery. It’s the central thing that delivers value, and most of our work revolves around it. Figure 1 below shows how

Say hello to our newest SAFe Fellows: Phil Gardiner, Luke Hohmann, and Dr. Suzette Johnson

Hi Folks, We are delighted to announce the induction of three new Fellows into the SAFe® Fellow Program: Phil Gardiner, Luke Hohmann, and Dr. Suzette Johnson. The SAFe® Fellow Program represents an elite class of experts who are able to help the world’s largest organizations accelerate digital transformation and achieve business agility. This achievement is Scaled Agile’s most prestigious distinction, recognizing individuals who have exhibited the highest level of mastery and thought leadership in the practice of SAFe. While support

Packed Agenda at the 2023 SAFe Summit Prague 15 – 17 May

Hi Folks, In just two weeks, we’ll host the 2023 SAFe Summit Prague on 15 – 17 May. Living in the UK, I’ve always appreciated that this yearly event focuses on serving the SAFe community from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Indeed, it’s the largest convergence of SAFe professionals and industry thought leaders in the region. This year, we’re offering a packed agenda focused on accelerating digital transformation and competing effectively in a fast-evolving marketplace. I’ll deliver a keynote

Empowering the Knowledge Worker with Updated SAFe Principle 8

While leading the development of SAFe during the last few years, I’ve come to reflect more and more on the inherent nature of agility. While it might appear as “settled law” at this point, the fact is that agility does not seem to be a natural state—whether at the portfolio, large solution, ART, team—or even individual—level. While we generally make great strides forward, and we all receive the benefits of that, I’ve also witnessed new teams struggling to achieve the

Accelerating Value Flow with SAFe 6.0

With its roots in Lean, Agile, and DevOps, SAFe has always been a flow-based system. Empowered, cross-functional Agile teams pull work from an economically prioritized backlog and leverage modern tools to deliver the most value in the shortest time. But the goal of the enterprise isn’t to be Lean, Agile, or have a fully automated DevOps pipeline; the goal is to provide a continuous flow of value to the customer. That is the only way to thrive in the digital