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Organizing SAFe Portfolios Around Value

By Rebecca Davis

We have updated the Portfolio guidance article!

A SAFe Portfolio is a set of Development Value Streams that deliver a continuous flow of valuable solutions to customers. Enterprises with well-formed portfolios utilizing Lean Portfolio Management practices reap multiple benefits, including optimization of people’s focus, enhanced strategic alignment, value-aligned decision-making, and transparency in delivery.

Additionally, the portfolio facilitates the decentralization of decision-making by providing essential funding, strategic intent, and the minimum necessary governance. It ensures that development value streams focus on building the right things with the appropriate solution investment levels to meet the portfolio’s strategic themes while also maintaining existing solutions.

Critical to this approach is identifying, designing, and organizing portfolios around value. This new guidance introduces considerations and examples of how to structure them in practice. These include:

We hope you find this update meaningful.

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Rebecca Davis and the Framework Team