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New! Getting Tactical with Organizational Agility: Techniques for Visualizing and Improving Flow

When adopting SAFe, many organizations begin by applying the Implementation Roadmap. They identify a value stream in one part of the organization and launch one or more Agile Release Trains (ARTs) to support it. This typically generates quick wins, leading to more ART launches and ultimately scaling agility across the enterprise. But all too often, critical parts of the organization are not included in this initial rollout. Some departments may be missed when identifying all the skills and authority required

SAFe Fellow Blog Update: Five Use Cases for an Agile Release Tram (aka Small Scale SAFe)

By Rebecca Davis

By Em Campbell-Pretty, SAFe Fellow, Pretty Agile, Original post: Aug 31, 2023 The Framework Team is excited to bring this blog on Agile Release Trams by SAFe Fellow Em Campbell-Pretty to the SAFe Framework site. Em is the founder of Pretty Agile and has been at the forefront of applying the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) since its earliest days. In fact, Em launched Australia’s first SAFe Agile Release Train at Telstra in early 2012. She has continued to be a friend of

Brand New Articles: Extensive Update to AI, Measuring SAFe Success, and Operating Value Streams at a Very Large Scale

Hi all!  The Framework Team is currently in Germany at the 2024 SAFe Summit Berlin and wanted to share some exciting new article announcements about AI research, measuring SAFe success, and managing value streams at a large scale.  Extensive Update to SAFe AI Guidance We are incredibly excited to announce the release of an extensive update to the Artificial Intelligence in SAFe (AI) article. The initial guidance on AI was written as extended guidance before the implications of ChatGPT and

Highlights of the upcoming 2024 SAFe Summit Berlin 08-11 April  

By Andrew Sales

There’s something about being in a room of like-minded people. It gets your innovative juices flowing. Your passion is ignited. You find yourself in a conversation that leads to a fruitful business relationship. Connecting and learning together can create new and exciting opportunities for you and your organization.  Dean always reminded us of the importance of building connections, sharing stories, and adapting SAFe together. What’s better for building community than the power of being in-person together? Here are some of

Exciting new book on Industrial DevOps

By Harry Koehnemann

The Digital Age has disrupted many industries. Streaming services from Netflix and Spotify have replaced traditional media organizations, and e-commerce from Amazon continues to disrupt most retail organizations. These innovative companies used digital technologies to create rapid delivery and feedback loops that enabled them to dominate their respective markets—and created new ways of working that allowed them to achieve substantial business outcomes. The digital age is now disrupting aerospace, defense, automotive, and other industries building large, complex cyber-physical systems.  While

Staying SAFe with AI

By Steve Mayner

No matter where you turn today, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Just a little more than a year ago, this was a topic reserved for science fiction enthusiasts and tech geeks. Now, whether you are checking your news feed or chatting with friends, AI will inevitably find its way into the conversation. Most of the credit for that shift goes to OpenAI and their decision to release ChatGPT to the world in November 2022. In the 14 months

New Community Contribution Article: Building the Change and Communications Competency for Effective ARTs

By Marc Rix

Let’s face it. We’re in the change business, and change is difficult. We transform organizations so that they can win in an age of unprecedented competition, and to transform is to bring about systemic change. We change organizational culture by changing mindsets, values, principles, and behaviors. The result is a new way of working—a new operating system—that enables business agility. But is changing the way of working enough? Perhaps we also need to change the way of changing. In his

New Extended Guidance Article: Value Management Office (VMO)

In a historically project-based organization, a Project/Program Management Office (PMO) is often chartered to track and coordinate the delivery of projects, initiatives, and programs an organization may have in flight at any time. A different set of values, mindset, and practices are required when implementing SAFe, which requires the move from temporal projects to long-lived products and from a start-stop approach to flow-based value delivery. The label of Value Management Office (VMO) has been applied to create focus on this

Enterprise Portfolio Management: Strategic Alignment and Collaboration 

By Rebecca Davis

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is more important than ever for organizations to quickly adapt to changing economic conditions, emerging technologies, and fleeting opportunities. This response often requires a coordinated effort across multiple portfolios and business units as the entire Enterprise aligns with the work to be done. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce an important update to the Enterprise article.  The new Enterprise article now describes Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM), a strategic approach to managing multiple SAFe portfolios