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Why “program” is still used in one place in SAFe 6.0 

By Steve Mayner

At Scaled Agile, we often hear from our SAFe community, “Why is ‘program’ still in the fishbone diagram for the problem-solving workshop? I thought that term was removed in SAFe 6.0?” The workshop they are referring to is an activity that is part of the Inspect and Adapt event ARTs conduct at the end of each PI.   It’s easy to see why people ask this question. One of the notable changes in SAFe 6.0 was to retire the use of

Staying SAFe with AI

By Steve Mayner

No matter where you turn today, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Just a little more than a year ago, this was a topic reserved for science fiction enthusiasts and tech geeks. Now, whether you are checking your news feed or chatting with friends, AI will inevitably find its way into the conversation. Most of the credit for that shift goes to OpenAI and their decision to release ChatGPT to the world in November 2022. In the 14 months