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New! Getting Tactical with Organizational Agility: Techniques for Visualizing and Improving Flow

When adopting SAFe, many organizations begin by applying the Implementation Roadmap. They identify a value stream in one part of the organization and launch one or more Agile Release Trains (ARTs) to support it. This typically generates quick wins, leading to more ART launches and ultimately scaling agility across the enterprise. But all too often, critical parts of the organization are not included in this initial rollout. Some departments may be missed when identifying all the skills and authority required

Exciting new book on Industrial DevOps

By Harry Koehnemann

The Digital Age has disrupted many industries. Streaming services from Netflix and Spotify have replaced traditional media organizations, and e-commerce from Amazon continues to disrupt most retail organizations. These innovative companies used digital technologies to create rapid delivery and feedback loops that enabled them to dominate their respective markets—and created new ways of working that allowed them to achieve substantial business outcomes. The digital age is now disrupting aerospace, defense, automotive, and other industries building large, complex cyber-physical systems.  While

SAFe Studio Integration

By Harry Koehnemann

We are excited to announce a new integration between the SAFe Framework and SAFe Studio. This is the next step in providing you with a SAFe System to support your journey towards business agility. While the SAFe Framework is freely available, integrating the Framework with additional resources for learning, implementing, and practicing SAFe supports enterprises in putting SAFe to work. Updated Navigation This blog introduces the new SAFe Studio Navigation and how Framework users can leverage it to find the

New updates to Solution and Solution Context

Relentless improvement is a critical tenet of Lean, Agile, and a SAFe Core Value, and we strive to embody those values in the Framework. With this in mind, we are excited to announce updates to the Solution and Solution Context articles. In SAFe, Solutions deliver the Portfolio’s value. Therefore, understanding solutions and their properties is critical to accelerating value delivery. It’s the central thing that delivers value, and most of our work revolves around it. Figure 1 below shows how

Exciting new book: SAFe for DevOps Practitioners

If you attended a DevOps conference several years ago, you would have seen sessions filled with deep discussions on technical, architectural, and coding practices. Over time, the DevOps community has increased interest in other areas, including Lean-Agile methods, leadership, and organizational change. Indeed, for DevOps to succeed, the tooling and technical practices must integrate with the new ways of working. Organizations need to think of them holistically as we do in SAFe. In his new book, SAFe for DevOps Practitioners,