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Brand New Articles: Extensive Update to AI, Measuring SAFe Success, and Operating Value Streams at a Very Large Scale

Hi all!  The Framework Team is currently in Germany at the 2024 SAFe Summit Berlin and wanted to share some exciting new article announcements about AI research, measuring SAFe success, and managing value streams at a large scale.  Extensive Update to SAFe AI Guidance We are incredibly excited to announce the release of an extensive update to the Artificial Intelligence in SAFe (AI) article. The initial guidance on AI was written as extended guidance before the implications of ChatGPT and

Highlights of the upcoming 2024 SAFe Summit Berlin 08-11 April  

By Andrew Sales

There’s something about being in a room of like-minded people. It gets your innovative juices flowing. Your passion is ignited. You find yourself in a conversation that leads to a fruitful business relationship. Connecting and learning together can create new and exciting opportunities for you and your organization.  Dean always reminded us of the importance of building connections, sharing stories, and adapting SAFe together. What’s better for building community than the power of being in-person together? Here are some of

Coaching Flow: New Extended Guidance Article

Delivering a continuous flow of value to the customer is one of the defining characteristics of an effective SAFe enterprise. However, flow is not easy to achieve, and many impediments occur along the way. Success requires a knowledge of what flow is and how to achieve it. In turn, this requires people knowledgeable in flow who can coach individuals, teams, and trains—and even LPM—to achieve a higher flow of value. This responsibility can be fulfilled by any number of different

New ‘Applying SAFe 6.0 to Accelerate Business Agility’ Workshop

By Andrew Sales

For thousands of global organizations and government agencies, SAFe has become integral for adapting to change, building resiliency, and thriving as a modern, digital business. Meeting the new realities of the marketplace requires SAFe to evolve continuously. While we’ll never lose sight of SAFe’s core benefits, our guidance continually improves to address new and emerging challenges. As such, SAFe 6.0 is a comprehensive update and includes many new and advanced practices alongside a new Big Picture and terminology changes. These

Packed Agenda at the 2023 SAFe Summit Prague 15 – 17 May

By Andrew Sales

Hi Folks, In just two weeks, we’ll host the 2023 SAFe Summit Prague on 15 – 17 May. Living in the UK, I’ve always appreciated that this yearly event focuses on serving the SAFe community from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Indeed, it’s the largest convergence of SAFe professionals and industry thought leaders in the region. This year, we’re offering a packed agenda focused on accelerating digital transformation and competing effectively in a fast-evolving marketplace. I’ll deliver a keynote