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New ‘Applying SAFe 6.0 to Accelerate Business Agility’ Workshop

By Andrew Sales

For thousands of global organizations and government agencies, SAFe has become integral for adapting to change, building resiliency, and thriving as a modern, digital business. Meeting the new realities of the marketplace requires SAFe to evolve continuously. While we’ll never lose sight of SAFe’s core benefits, our guidance continually improves to address new and emerging challenges.

As such, SAFe 6.0 is a comprehensive update and includes many new and advanced practices alongside a new Big Picture and terminology changes. These improvements are organized around six primary themes. Further details of each theme are described in the What’s New in SAFe 6.0 article.

These updates provide significant benefits and opportunities for every SAFe Enterprise, and we encourage everyone to move to SAFe 6.0 as soon as possible. To facilitate this goal, we are delighted to announce a new one-day workshop: Applying SAFe 6.0 to Accelerate Business Agility.

Available to all SAFe Studio members, the workshop begins with a short assessment to identify the SAFe 6.0 opportunities most relevant to the organization’s needs. The attendees then engage in learnings and exercises to develop a backlog and roadmap for the work needed to implement SAFe 6.0 in their context.

Anyone in a role responsible for advancing or accelerating the implementation of SAFe will benefit from this workshop. This may include members of the VMO and LACE, change agents such as SPCs and RTEs, and Lean-Agile Leaders responsible for the SAFe implementation. Additionally, the workshop can be run multiple times as the organization’s needs evolve, moving from one SAFe 6.0 theme to another.

SAFe 6.0 enables business agility and improves business outcomes for organizations worldwide. It extends SAFe beyond IT, embraces new and emerging technologies, and emphasizes the need to accelerate flow. One thing is sure. The time to move to SAFe 6.0 is now, and we hope that this workshop provides the tools to support you in this critical work.

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