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10X faster production-like testing Full functional testing cycle in just one hour 85% reduction in user story cycle time Time to release for internal test mgmt. system dropped from 37 man-days to 2 95% would not want to return to the old way of working


Release time improved by 50-66% Feature cycle time down by 50% Cost per feature point dropped by 8% from one PI to the next Reduction in escaped defects and increased customer satisfaction


Releasing every month, instead of 1-2 times a year Integrating reliably every two weeks Reduced delivery risks Substantially reduced defect rate Velocity increased from 10 story points to >30


Time-to-market reduced from 700 to 30 days Deployments increased from once or twice a year to monthly Productivity increased 50% Cost decreased by 77% Predictability is now at 68%


Raised employee engagement by 15-20% Able to coordinate multiple teams working on same product, same time Teams more nimble, able to ‘turn on a dime’ What took 6 months before, now might complete in 2 months


7% more features and capabilities with 9% less staff Teams delivered on time—if not ahead of schedule—with a significant positive impact to financial results Teams delivered on commitments 80-100 % of the time Number of changes in solutions has doubled, yet number of quality incidents reported by customers has not increased


Collection Feature Cycle Time improved 30-50% IT delivers requested capabilities 80-90 %of the time The overall effort on a project came in $12 million less than originally estimated and 18 months sooner than predicted


SAFe successfully took 100 people from waterfall to Agile in one week Garnered positive feedback from teams Team and business engagement went up Cycle time and defects went down


50% improvement in merge and retrofit 63% improvement in software configuration management 59% improvement in quality costs 90% improvement in build and deployment


Increased efficiency with team members aligned and working together Greater creativity as teams are empowered to make decisions Management aligned and supportive of Agile teams

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