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Faster time to market of the company’s latest product version Greater alignment between product management and development More team spirit Enhanced employee satisfaction and an edge when hiring


Swisscom brought TV 2.0 to market in half the time of comparable projects, ahead of the competition Decreased the time from code-ready to mass rollout from 9-12 months to no longer than six weeks PI Planning recommendation score from participants: 8.3/10


Time-to-value down from 1½ years to 8 months 30% faster delivery for user acceptance testing Monthly demos to customers, enabling early feedback and better alignment with customer expectations System stabilization time down from six weeks to less than a week


Delivery cycle time down from 12 to 3 months Delivery frequency increased from quarterly to fortnightly Cost down 50% 100% on time and on budget projects Happy project sponsors Happy teams


Average delivery cycle time down from 12 to 3 months 6X increased in delivery frequency 50% cost to deliver reduction 95% decrease in product defects 100% projects delivered on time and on budget Happy project sponsors & teams