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SAFe for Marketing

Note: This article is part of Extended SAFe Guidance and represents official SAFe content that cannot be accessed directly from the Big Picture.

Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI) has extended SAFe beyond IT and from the realm of pure tech teams to other teams in the business that are critical to the building and supporting of innovative business solutions. Moreover, the Business and Technology article describes the patterns that may be applied to realize Business Agility by applying SAFe principles and practices across the enterprise.

Integral to that, SAI has been working with a number of enterprises to integrate marketing with their SAFe implementations. As we run our entire business on SAFe, we have our own business experience to share.

To this end, the SAFe for Marketing whitepaper (download below) provides insights on:

  • thumbnail links to pdf download of white paperWhat is driving the adoption of agility in marketing organizations
  • The three ways marketing teams can integrate with SAFe: being Agile, joining the value stream, and specializing in principles and practices
  • Using validated learning and hypothesis-driven approaches to optimize team and campaign performance

This white paper was authored by our own Melissa Reeve, Scaled Agile’s former VP of Marketing. Melissa notes:

“Since I arrived at Scaled Agile, I’ve been thinking about how to help others use the Scaled Agile Framework in marketing environments.

Enterprises around the world struggle to keep up with the relentless pace of change. Software and product development organizations have adopted Agile frameworks such as SAFe to help them address these challenges and improve time-to-market, productivity, and quality. 

Marketing organizations are no exception. They face issues around alignment, inefficiencies, and slow reaction times. The typical product marketing campaign takes months to get to market, contributing to an estimated $958 million in waste in B2B marketing organizations on an annual basis. To fully realize the benefits of business agility, marketing organizations must also adopt Agile. 

We wrote this white paper for marketing teams and team leaders, for technical teams working closely with marketing teams, and anyone wanting to know how to better integrate marketing in their SAFe implementation.”

We hope you find this a valuable resource that will get you one step closer to true business agility.