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Advanced Topic – Startup SAFe

…launching a startup, we must clearly define its purpose, the business model to realize it, measurement metrics, and the principles to guide us on our journey. Establishing the company purpose…

Advanced Topic – Human-Centered Design with SAFe

…are listed in the table below. Quantitative Evaluation Qualitative Evaluation Evaluate True North Metrics Asynchronous Sentiment Gathering and Analysis (e.g., Surveys, Net Promoter Scores, Diary Studies, etc.) Evaluate Signal Metrics

Advanced Topic – Agile Workspaces

…that information. Agile teams have adopted this approach to include metrics on the state of the current solution. Examples of these include critical quality metrics, such as: Build health Number…

What’s new in SAFe 6.0?

…moving to the cloud so quickly is to increase product development speed and agility. 6. Delivering Better Outcomes with Measure and Grow and OKRs Measure and Grow – The metrics

Enterprise Technology Strategy Formulation

…technology-focused execution. While the business strategy is thinking big, the execution practices for developing and implementing it are thinking small and blocked by annual budgets, project-based planning, and short-term metrics

Facilitating SAFe Assessments

…Value Stream KPIs and LPM metrics connects the effort to the portfolio’s measures of overall success. In this way, the entire portfolio can focus on measurement and celebrate growth and…